Lesson One

“Beauty and Brains”

Scripture Reference: 1 Samuel 25:1-42

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Abigail means “the father is joyful.”

Introduction – Abigail is described as a woman of good understanding and of a beautiful countenance (1 Samuel 25:3). Abigail was intelligent, attractive and wise. She knew and loved God. She tried to do right and be a good woman. She used her “beauty and brains” for good. She was a wise beautiful woman who tried to do right at all times.


(1 Samuel 25:2) – The custom was for parents to choose the marriage partner for their children. Nabal came from the family of Caleb, which was of the tribe of Judah (Numbers 13:6). Because Nabal came from a Godly family and was rich, the parents thought he would be a good husband for Abigail. The name Nabal means fool. He was churlish (rude and mean) and evil in his doings. He became a drunken man who wasted his life. He forgot God and did not see the good things he possessed. He was selfish and only lived to fulfill his desires and lusts. He made the wrong decision. Nabal and his servants were in the fields shearing their sheep. At this time, David was hiding form King Saul because the king wanted to kill him. Six-hundred men (1 Samuel 25:13) followed David. While in the wilderness, David’s men had helped Nabal’s servants in protecting them. Now, David’s men were hungry, so David sent 10 young men to Nabal to ask for food. As the young men greeted Nabal, they were answered with angry words. Nabal refused to share any food. He was selfish and said, “My bread, my water, my flesh (meat).” He made the wrong decision. A bad decision will lead you in the wrong way and a right decision will lead you in the right way.


(1 Samuel 25:13) – When David heard the report, he ordered every man to prepare for battle. They were ready to kill all the household of Nabal. One of the servants told Abigail all that had happened. Abigail quickly prepared enough food for David and his men, hoping to reach David before the slaughter (killing) began. The donkeys were loaded with bread, bottles of wine, roast sheep, roast corn, raisins and figs. Abigail did not tell her husband, Nabal, what she was planning to do. Abigail met David, bowed down and honored him, asking forgiveness for the actions of her wicked husband. She used her beauty and brains and was able to persuade David not to kill her husband. She was a good, faithful wife to her husband.


(1 Samuel 25:36-37) – When Abigail arrived at home, Nabal was having a drunken party. Abigail waited until morning to tell Nabal how she had saved their lives. Nabal was shocked! His heart died within him, and he became as a stone. Ten days later he died. His bitterness and wealth could not help him now! David and Abigail were married. The Lord rewarded Abigail for her faithfulness. She became the wife of King David. The Lord will repay! (Romans 12:19-21).

A thought to Remember:

Stay faithful to God no matter what happens. God will take care of the problems in His Way and at His Time. You can trust God to do what is best! God is too kind to do bad and too wise to do wrong. He will do what is right for you.

Lesson to learn: Why was Abigail a wise woman? Talk to and discuss this with the class. She did not think first of herself but others. She did right even though her husband was wrong. She did what she could no matter what happened. She tried to do right!

Do right no matter what happens!