Lesson Two

“Aged Prophetess”

Scripture Reference: Luke 2:36-38

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Anna means “favored one” or “grace”

Introduction – Anna was the daughter of Phanuel, which means “the face or appearance of God.” She was a prophetess, not a preacher. She would tell others about God and His Will. Many women in the Bible were used to teach, witness or speak the things of God. There is much wisdom to be learned from old age and experience.


Anna was married for only 7 years. She was a widow for 84 years. The law required that widows (without husbands) to be treated kindly and taken care of. Anna fulfilled the requirements of being a widow indeed (1 Timothy 5:9-10).

  1. More than 60 years old.
  2. Married only once.
  3. Known for good works.
  4. Reared children.
  5. Lodged strangers.
  6. Washed the feet of travelers.
  7. Helped the afflicted and troubled.
  8. Faithfully followed God.

Anna’s age was a crown of glory (Proverbs 16:31). No doubt, Anna was lonely at times, but she just trusted in the Lord all the more (1 Timothy 5:5). The Lord has a special care for widows (Exodus 22:22; Psalm 146:9; James 1:27).


(Luke 2:37) – Anna lived a life of Godly self-control. She departed not from the temple but faithfully served the Lord with fasting and prayers night and day. Anna not only prayed in private, but also joined with others in the temple to pray. Anna was at peace with God and it showed on her face. People were attracted to her, and she was always ready to share the love of God with them. Anna had given her life completely to the Lord. She was able to comfort and encourage people when they came to the temple.


Anna was a prophetess who taught the Word of God. She was looking and waiting for the coming Messiah. When Anna saw the baby Jesus as Mary and Joseph brought him to the temple, it was revealed to Anna that this Jesus was the promised Messiah. Anna praised the Lord! She was so thankful that God had answered her prayers to see the Messiah before she died. Anna told the Good News to all that Jesus was the Redeemer of Israel. Anna became the first female to proclaim Jesus as Christ. Anna continued praying and praising God to the end of her life. She was a widow but she was greatly used of God.


When God blesses you or you learn a good lesson of life, share the Good News with others. No matter your age, you need to be faithful to God. You do not retire in the work of God. You can always depend upon and trust the Word of God.

Lesson to Learn: Discuss the wisdom of Anna. Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God and understanding comes from life. Some of the greatest lessons are learned from life and experience. Never stop learning!

If you are not learning, then you are not living.